The pages of the Book of Sins, an ancient evil grimoire have been unaccounted for for over 80 years. Its self-appointed guardians have nearly all passed on or put it behind them and are living out their twilight years. Now, however, pages from the book have begun showing up in the most unlikely places. Inexplicably, powerful spells written in a dead, ancient language are appearing in the hands of normal people and offering irresistible power to those unequipped to stand against their corrupting influences. As a descendant of one of the original protectors of the Darkhold, you suddenly find yourself charged with the task of retrieving and protecting the lost pages and uncovering the secret of their mysterious circulation at any cost.

In game terms, each story will consist of two sessions. One session will take place in the 1930s and tell the tale of the original protectors’ initial encounter with a particular page and will be played out in a more horror-tinged pulp adventure style. The other half of the story will take place in the present day and feature the descendant characters’ run-in with with that same magic, its unique application in the current day and how they deal with that and its consequences. The intended tone of the modern sessions is an emphasis on horror and the desperate people and situations that make the Pages something much more dangerous in the current day.

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Pages from the Book of Sins

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